FREE Download: Health & Fitness Holiday Bingo


Taking a break this year? Whether you’re spending the time at home or elsewhere, holidays are one of the most difficult times to keep up a health and fitness routine.

Instead of trying to slog it out with your usual activities, holidays should be about having a fun and flexible attitude. This Health & Fitness Holiday Bingo sheet will help you achieve that!

  • This is a free, downloadable, virtual product
  • No physical product will be provided
  • A4 PDF, printable for repeat use (as many times as you would like!)

NOTE: You’ll still need to go through store checkout to get this for free, but I promise it won’t cost anything 🙂 

How to use this ‘programme’

Come up with a non-food reward you can ’earn’ to give yourself. Print out the sheet and each day you’re allowed to mark one box off until you’ve completed 6 boxes in a row, column or diagonal. For more fun you might want to keep going; come up with more than one reward and redeem them at the end of the holidays so you have something else to look forward to!

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